What business systems do you recommend to keep data safe and why? Everyone is different and some people can cope with change better than others? If they can cope with change, keep data safe with a move to Linux and Google. It is a fully functional and secure solution. Less downtime, maintenance, and risk of loss.

If you need a safe data management solution, protect your network with a Linux firewall and keep your data protected and safe using Google cloud, Dropbox cloud, and cloud HQ to synchronize your accounts. Use Linux workstations, they are fast and secure, not susceptible to virus or ransomware. If you are desperate to access windows only applications, then run them individually using VirtualBox from your Linux workstation in a closed subnet so that you don’t interfere with any files stored on your local network.

Why use 2 cloud solutions? I found that the google cloud is a productive and efficient storage solution for data that you can access from anywhere. It also has the ability to go back to a previous version of a document. If a document is deleted and you need to get it back you can also restore deleted files from trash. So why would you need to have Dropbox as well? If your Google account has been hacked or accidentally deleted. You have a backup.

Dropbox for me is my online backup. I use cloud HQ to synchronize the 2 accounts and I know that if I can’t access or find a particular file I can go to my Dropbox account and download it from there. If you never need it, Great, it has done its job.

Keep your data safe with a Linux and Googe Solution

Safe Strategy, Design, and low cost Implementation

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Our Strategy is Simple

    1. Linux Software doesn’t have an expensive license
    1. Linux Software is not affected by Windows virus or ransomware
    1. Linux Software have Open Source Applications (free)
    1. Keep your documents live and available on Google Cloud
    1. Backup documents to Dropbox business using cloud HQ
    1. Only use an Industry CRM that is Cloud based