Why use CJ Tech Support?

Old drawing of Warren -1CJ Tech Support is the business you need to organise your ideas and deliver optimised content to your customers. You found us, but who can find you?

Hi, I’m Warren,
Well sort of,

  • no mustache
  • not quite so old
  • a little more hair
  • and a bigger belly

So no, not really like Warren at all. But I am easier to draw. So let’s just pretend that I am Warren.

Welcome to CJ Tech Support.

Let me talk you through our day.
We spend our day listening to clients. Most of the time we don’t have to help, just listen. They work out the problems themselves. When they get stuck and can’t work it out, we get them to talk through the process and find out how far they progressed. If we can solve the puzzle, they get to go further, or they throw their hands up in the air and we take over.

Old picture of Warren-2What sort of problems and calls do we get?
Well, the most common calls start like this.

(Warren) Welcome to CJ Tech Support, Warren Speaking.
(client) Hi Warren.
(Warren) Hi, what’s up, how can I help?
(client) Oh, you are not going to believe this, I just worked it out.
(Warren) Great, happy I could help!
(client) Yes, it always happens, Thanks, we’ll catch up soon.
(Warren) No problem, always happy to help.

Some times it’s more serious.

(Warren) Welcome to CJ Tech Support, Warren Speaking.
(client) Hi Waz
(Warren) Hi, what’s up, how can I help?
(client) I just can’t work it out, can you log in remotely and sort this problem. I need to get these cheques printed and the printer just doesn’t come up.
(Warren) No problem, I take over now.

Old Picture of Warren 4

But the ones I like the most are:

(Warren) Welcome to CJ Tech Support, Warren Speaking.
(client) Hi Waz
(Warren) Hi, what’s up, how can I help?
(client) Have you got some time this week to catch up, I am thinking about making some changes and it would be good to get your thoughts on what we should do.
(Warren) No problem, Always happy to help. Tuesday 11:00 OK.

What’s a good business day at CJ Tech Support?

Designing websites and mobile solutions are exciting, but I enjoy my day the most when I am working on a project that gets involved in a business, looking at how the business functions and working out ways to improve productivity.

Internet Marketing Specialist

I am often asked to help with online marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, and LinkedIn marketing. I love doing this because I know that with the right advice, my clients can grow their business. I love being able to analyse the statistics and count the growth, see the results and get emails of thanks because their business is growing.

How is your website being listed on Google Search?

Do a site:domainname search on google. It will list each of your pages that are included on Google Search.

Online Marketing Strategy

  • email marketing
  • social media
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

That’s a great CJ Tech Support day.

Business Continuity

I like to know, at the end of the day, that I have made a business more likely to function when something goes wrong. Backups are important, but they are no good to anyone if they can’t be restored in a reasonable amount of time. If you find out that the new hardware is not compatible with the older software, you have a problem.

Cloud and Remote Systems

Creating solutions that work even when you can’t get to work make more sense to me.

  • Office Remote Access
  • Off site backup
  • Reduce points of failure
  • Cloud Hosting of critical systems

Old picture of Warren-3What’s a bad business day?
A bad business day starts when  a business was devastated by the ransom virus, introduced by a bookkeepers pc using a USB drive. I knew I could restore the information and get them back online. But I was still upset that it got onto the site.

When I arrived to put the systems back online, I found the staff sitting back, functioning as normal and not too upset by what had happened. Their critical systems were cloud-based and they were able to function purely from their mobile phones and ipads.

If the problem had been a lockout situation that prevented the staff from accessing the building, they would have been able to function from home or an alternate location without any impact to the business. Simply divert the phones to mobiles and work as normal.

Would your business be able to function in this situation?
Or would you have to close the doors and pay for an expensive restoration of equipment and services to get productive again? If it is possible for your business to move to the cloud and use Linux workstations, the business benefits from business continuity can be worth the effort.

Old picture of Warren-5When I am working towards these types of solutions, I know I am having a great business day.

Our current clients include some very clever people; inventors, podiatrists, physiotherapists, real estate developers, real estate agents, strata management, finance professionals, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, newsagents, marketing agencies and sampling, landscapers, cleaners, health care professionals, transport and towing, travel agents, upholsterers, heavy CNC and laser cutting, chemical wholesalers, retailers, electrical engineers, small business, home office and Mum and Dad business.

I look forward to finding out more about your business!
The kettle is on,


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