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    ——-Old Article below —————————–
    I had an article on my site about Firefox Crashing with text across your screen saying “gah your tab just crashed”. This problem must have some momentum, I just reached 1000 visits for “gah your tab just crashed”.

    I have followed through a lot of forum pages to get a result and the majority tell you to try in safe mode. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the video drivers. (WTF).

    This seems to be happening too often to too many people to be video drivers unless all video drivers are wrong including windows and Linux drivers????

    Try Safe Mode:
    If Firefox is open, you can restart in Safe Mode from the Help menu:
    Click the hamburger menu (top right 3 lines), select (?)HELP, Select restart with addons disabled.

    If the problem exists as it did with me, even in safe mode; you know that it is not being caused by extensions, themes, or hardware acceleration.

    One option is to roll back to the stable version:, you may have to find your language version and also some rollback/installation instructions on the net. (LINUX)

    If rolling back is not an option for you, try another browser.

    It was a show stopper for me. I have been an ambassador for Firefox for a very long time. Very disappointed. Reinstalling a prior release seems to be the preferred fix. This has it’s own problems of continuously telling you that the software is out of date.

    This drives me nuts to the point of installing Opera for Linux as an alternative. I must admit I am enjoying using Opera more than I expected. It is now my preferred browser for lubuntu. I definitely don’t get the problems of being out of date and crashing that I get from Firefox and Chrome.

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    Firefox Crash Report Submit Page

    If you are still having problems, look for any unsubmitted crash reports and send them off. The more information the kind folks at Mozilla Support get, the better they can become.

    In your Firefox Browser type about:crashes

    This will list any crash reports that have not been sent. On the right of each report is a submit button. Click like the wind, and send those little bad boys off. The more we send the better chance we have of getting this problem solved.

    You are then able to review the submitted information by clicking the view button.
    Note: If you can’t open Firefox because it crashes at startup even in Safe Mode, use these alternative instructions to locate Report IDs:

    Go to ~/.mozilla/firefox/Crash Reports/submitted.
    In the resulting folder, there will be a text file for each crash report you have submitted. Using the View menu, arrange them by date to find out which is the newest file; and double-click on it to open it.

    Mozilla Crash Reports

    I have been following this crash reporting process to the bugzilla developers review section and I am happy to say that reporting your problem is the best way to solve these crashes.

    Crash Report Details

    I can see from the reports and the aggregation of multiple reports by signature that the developers are getting a lot of combined information that can produce answers to the problem.

    Bugzilla Report for Firefox Crash

    If a report is identifying one problem, but 1000 reports are identifying a different problem, the developers have a chance of jumping on the common issues quickly. So submit your reports, The process works.

    My crash report has an identifying signature of js::InternalCallOrConstruct

    Maybe if you are really clever, you can follow the process and work out the solution. They are always looking for more Mozilla Support volunteers.

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    Updated 14th October 2019

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    Do you use any software to create Titles for articles?

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    What are your thoughts on using SMS for Marketing? I often think it is a good idea until I get one from a car yard or someone that has nothing to do with me or my family. I think if it was from someone that I new letting me know of something that has changed or is coming up, I would be ok with it.

    Our basketball club regularly uses SMS for all their marketing and news and I pay attention to it, so I think if you have a rapport with your clients and you were sending information of value, it is a great way to get noticed.

    Even sending an SMS as a followup for an email to confirm that they got it is a good idea. We get so many spam emails lately, that to get an SMS for something important is almost necessary.

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    How do you handle Bad Reviews on Google or Facebook?

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    I am interested in your favourite registration backlink sites. What results do you expect and what results do you get? Please list them here for discussion.
    trello business directory

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