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What’s Important On Your Page

In most cases, people will search for a subject using Google and come up with a list of pages for them to follow. If this is the case for you, the most important part of your page is the title.

The Title:

The title needs to explain what the page is about. It is the first thing anyone will see, to determine if they want to continue to your page.


The next item on the Google Search block is the URL (slug). The link address of the page that the link will take you too. Make sure it is relevant to the title. If the subject is about “cupcakes” and the link goes to “car wash”, people are not going to trust where you are trying to take them. The link should be https://. If it isn’t, then you need to get a security certificate, contact me via the call back request form if you need help with this.

The Meta Description

The next lines make up the “Meta Description”. Write a descriptive text about the subject. Make sure it is relevant and to the point. Don’t make the same title or description for all of your pages. It will come back to bite you. Each page should have a unique title and unique description. If there is nothing unique about your page them you have “Duplicate Content” and Google will punish you for this.

Internal Links

Google measures where your page directs the reader. If you have no linked directing your reader, then you are stopping the Google Bot from discovering the rest of your site. This is bad. A great place to understand linking this is to look at Wikipedia. You will notice on all the Wikipedia pages they have many links to other Wikipedia pages. Google Bot can spend its entire life roaming around Wikipedia.

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External Links

How much time does Google Bot spend roaming around your site? If it goes to 2 pages and leaves, there will not necessarily be a lot of interest there. Got it some content to discover. Give your audience some content to discover. Don’t be afraid of linking to other sites on the net that are relevant to your subject, they will appreciate the link and google will appreciate the link also.

Grammar and Spelling

Spend the time necessary to edit your work, looking for grammar and spelling errors. A poorly constructed text will not be easy for your audience to understand and Google likes sites that and the audience finds easy to understand. If like me, you type like crap, use Grammarly.


Understand keywords. Trying to do this on your own is crazy. Use Ubersuggest and watch as much YouTube as you can about Neil Patel. This guy is amasing, he totally gets it when it come to social media and SEO. There are a lot of shaky guru’s out there trying to sell you there crap, this is one of the good guys.

Image Alt Attributes

The alt attribute of an image was first used to describe what the image was supposed to be if the image was not available. A square box would appear and the text description would be in its place. It is more important than that now. Today it is also used by Google to identify what the photo represents on the page. If you have an alt tag of photo-12, then your audience and google are unable to interpret what should be on the page. If you have ” Selfie at Luna park having coffee”, then Google now knows what you are doing, where it was taken and that it should represent a selfie. Lots of information here.

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